About me

Hi, my name is Xan Mannekens, I’m 22 years old and I have been producing music for over 5 years now. I say 5 years because before I started to take music seriously I had been messing around in fruity loops making basic beats with the standard kick-snare-hat pattern fruity loops opens with. So back when I was 16-17 years old I decided to go all in on music and I started my alias ‘Primal’ where I produced Dubstep music. Just like everyone out there I started out struggling (a lot) and sooner than later I was spending all my spare time watching youtube tutorials on how to make music (dubstep more specifically).


I started chatting around with more famous producers within the scene and realised everyone was using this software called ‘Reason’. I decided to download the trial for the program and began messing around in what I (still) find to be one of the most difficult music producing programs out there.



It didn’t go at all. I couldn’t even manage to make a solid kick, snare and had no idea at all on how these more known producers made their tracks sounds so great. So I started chatting with a specific British producer. He sent me one of his tracks in form of a reason file and so I began exploring on how he automated and managed to create certain sounds. After hours, days, weeks and months of grinding and struggling I had my first track ‘Golden Fools’ ready. I uploaded it to soundcloud but didn’t expect anything of it. Within hours I received hundreds of plays and support from bigger artists within the scene such as ‘P0gman’.

After making tons of track which ended up getting about 4000 plays each I collaborated with Jam PRD. Our track ‘Foreign Guys’ got signed to Styx recordings and here began my journey. The 2 years after my music career within dubstep exploded and in no time I found myself headlining big dubstep events all over Belgium and even in the Netherlands.

After 2 years I got bored of the genre, lost motivation and decided to take a break and think what I wanted to do next. I met with a friend of mine (Jowy) and we jumped in the studio together. We felt the match and decided to start an EDM project which we’ve named Delta Noise.



We switched to the music production software ‘Logic’ and started grinding. After 8 months we found ourself happy with our first finished track ‘Bounce’. To our surprise this track quickly gained support from the likes of Dennis Cartier and Robert Abigail. What followed up next were tons of new tracks in different genres and support from big names within the Belgian and even international scene:

Maurice West
Robert Falcon
Les Mecs
Lennert Wolfs
Sem Thomasson
Robert Abigail
Dennis Cartier
Lester Williams

With this blog I’m trying to provide you with tips regarding mixing, mastering, marketing, business and much more. Basically, everything you need to quick launch your career within music and tips on how to avoid the mistakes I’ve made and found out in my process.

I hope you enjoy it.